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Love is in the Air: Making Employees Feel Like They Matter

January 17, 2023
at 1:00 P.M. EDT
February 21, 2023 at 1:00 P.M. EDT

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From the first meeting at an interview to a meaningful development plan and sometimes goodbye. What is important to the employee and the business? Learn the ins and outs of acknowledging an employee's worth and making them genuinely feel like they matter.

About Your Host

Abraham Gonzales-Pollick

Vice President of Client Development

Abraham Gonzales-Pollick is on a mission to share HR and organizational development knowledge to help business owners across the globe. He has more than 20 years of client service and product management leadership experience, 15 of which have been spent in the PEO space. Abraham sits on the board of various non-profit organizations and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. He is a highly-regarded keynote speaker and global facilitator on several HR topics, including “Evolving the HR Mindset.”

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We’re here to provide free HR webinars and professional insight to our clients, HR professionals, and employers alike. With human resource webinars on topics ranging from recruiting, onboarding, and team building to leadership skills, company culture, and documentation, each presentation is prepared by an experienced human resource practitioner and geared towards helping you fortify your HR toolkit and your mastery of the workforce.

Our goal is to help you continually improve your company and your workplace culture. We understand that the best way to drive employee performance and engagement and improve productivity is by starting with good leadership skills and a healthy company culture.

Our live HR webinars provide engaging, accessible resources to both employers needing additional training or guidance and human resource professionals looking to continue their education. What happens if you can’t make it to a webinar or a topic you were hoping to attend? If you register ahead of time, you’ll receive a full recording directly to your email to watch whenever you have time. Additionally, each live webinar is recorded and added to our webinar library so you always have on-demand access to our entire catalog of videos and presentations.

Each of our live HR webinars includes an opportunity to submit questions and comments to the presenter, and engage directly with a seasoned HR practitioner during a Q&A session. Our experts are ready to help answer your most difficult questions relating to tough situations, documentation, or workplace laws and clear up any misconceptions on the spot.

All human resources professionals need to undergo recertification every three years and earn 60 professional development credits in order to recertify. Additionally, working towards your HRCI and SHRM recertifications with free online HR webinars is important in helping you keep up with changing workplace norms and laws and continue to hone your skills as a professional. Because of the dynamic nature of human resources, an HR professional’s quest for education is never finished. Most of our webinars offer SHRM and HRCI accreditation, meaning you can earn SHRM credits, HRCI credits, or both by attending a full one-hour session.

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